Nurse of the Day

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When: Monday-Thursday, February through May

Please take a minute to review the details below regarding Nurse of the Day. 

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Oklahoma Nurses Association’s Nurse of the Day program serves as an effective advocacy tool for nurses across the state to talk one on one with Legislators.  Everyday of the legislative session a registered nurse has the opportunity to actively participate in the legislative process.  The Nurse of the Day has the opportunity to visit with legislators, attend various committee meetings and assist in the First Aid station at the Capitol.  So that those participating in the Nurse of the Day or Doctor of the Day program are not tied to the First Aid station, there is a paid ER Nurse that oversees the care provided. The program allows nurses to voice their thoughts and opinions on currently legislation that affects nurses and healthcare. 

This program serves as an ideal way to let nursing’s voice be heard!  The Nurse of the Day will get a sense as to the respect and appreciation nurses have among legislators as they will hear related comments often while they are at the Capitol. Also it will provide an opportunity for nurses to learn more about the legislative process.

With the session about to begin, many professional associations are trying to get legislators to take notice of their views.  It is imperative that we have nurses to serve as Nurse of the Day.  During the day the Nurse of the Day is introduced on the chamber floor at the beginning of the session and presented with a personalized certificate of appreciation.  During the legislative session access to the chamber floor is reserved to a few privileged people, which includes the Nurse of the Day.  This honor allows the Nurse of the Day beneficial one on one time with the legislators to discuss their views on current bills.

Pick any one day from February 5 to May 24, 2018.  Nurses are the largest group of health care providers in the state.  There are many issues that will come before the Legislature that may affect the delivery of care, the nursing profession and nurses in general during the next session.  It is imperative that Nurses are there to weigh in on these issues.  The Oklahoma Nurses Association’s Nurse of the Day has proven through the years that it provides visibility and an opportunity for nurses’ voices to be heard throughout the Capitol. 

Sign-up as Nurse of the Day using the online form. Questions: Please call the office at 405.840.3476.

Nurse of the Day Frequently Asked Questions