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Join the Oklahoma Nurses Association!

ONA is the professional association for all registered nurses in Oklahoma-- the community of nurses across all specialties and practice settings working to promote the profession of nursing.  This community of nurses is working to address the issues that face nursing on a daily basis as well other issues of importance – nurse-force numbers, workplace safety, standards of care, scope of practice and patient safety.  ONA focuses on practice, educational, political and professional issues that impact registered nurses in Oklahoma. ONA does this for you by Focusing on YOU! 

Click here to join ONA & ANA.

Please note, registration and billing are processed through ANA. If you encounter a problem or have a question related to membership registration, please call 1-800-923-7709.

ANA/ONA Full Membership:  Automatic Monthly Payment Plan - $24.21/mo or Annual Payment of $284.50 (Employed full or part-time working RNs)

ANA/ONA Reduced Membership Dues: Automatic Monthly Payment Plan - $12.35/mo or Annual Payment of  $142.25 (Newly-licensed graduates, RNs not employed; RNs who are students; or age 62+ and not earning more than Social Security allows)

ANA/ONA Special Membership Dues:  Automatic Monthly Payment Plan - $6.43/mo or Annual Payment of $71.13 (RNs 62+ years of age and not employed, or disabled)

We value your membership and commitment! Our work will continue to serve our members, and to advance and protect the nursing profession. Membership dues enable us to benefit you from a professional, political and personal standpoint. 

2014 Membership Dues Rates