Region 2

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In 2018, Region 2 will hold an election for the following board positions. Voting will be sent to ONA Members on March 23. Voting ends on April 6th. 

President-Elect/ONA Representative - 2018-2019

Secretary - 2018-2020

Program Director - 2018-2020

Director at Large - 2 positions - 2018-2020

Delegates (24*)  - 2018

*Number of delegates based on 2017 membership

2018 Meetings
Click on the links below for more information about each meeting.

Recent News

Past News

egion 2 Board Members 2017-18

President:  Brandi Payton
President-Elect:  Donna Fesler 
Secretary:  Chris Thoman
Treasurer:  Pam Price Hoskins

Chairperson of the Committee on Nursing Advancement:  Micki McKinney

Director-at-Large:  Julia Profit-Johnson

Director-at-Large:  Betty Kupperschmidt

Director-at-Large:  Donna Calvin

Director-at-Large:  Marla Smith

Region 2 Representative:   

Nominating Committee Chairperson:  Helen Farrar

Nominating Committee Members:  Carla Lynch, Teri Bycroft, Donna Fessler

Delegates:  Marie Ahrens, Teresa Frazier, Mary Helen Freter, Emma Kientz, Betty Kupperschmidt, Cindy Lyons, Linda Lyons-Coyle,  Micki McKinney, Stephanie Merritt, Brenda Nance, Allen Nottingham, Julia Profit-Johnson, Marla Smith, Christine Thoman, Francene Weatherby, Shelly Wells, Deborah Wipf

View the Region 2 Bylaws